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    Regarding the Haryana Prevention of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Rules, 2022 (20.01.2023)
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    Regarding grant of reservation to Outstanding Sports Persons and Eligible Sports Persons against Group-C (10.01.2023)
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    Regarding under sub-section (2) of Section 3 of the National Security Act, 1980, the District Magistrates should take immediate action (04.01.2023)
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    Regarding clarification w.r.t. applicability of provisions of Rehabilitation and Resettlement policy 2010 (04.01.2023)
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    Regarding training of newly appointed members of the Non-State Civil Service of Haryana to the Indian Administrative Service (30.12.2022)
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    Regarding obtaining the approval of Finance Department (HKRN Cell) for engagement of fresh contractual manpower (20.12.2022)
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    Regarding completing of Service Book Validation of all the employees in Human Resource Management System Application (HRMS) (16.12.2022)
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    Regarding Summon the Haryana Vidhan Sabha to meet in the hall of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha at Chandigarh (16.12.2022)
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    Regarding appointed Sh. T.L. Satyaparkash, IAS, Director General, Town & Country Planning, Haryana and Secretary to Government Haryana Town & Country Planning Department as Administrator of Jat Education Society (Regd.) Rohtak (16.12.2022)
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    Regarding selection of sites and acquition of land by Government Departments (12.12.2022)
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