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    About NIPUN Haryana Mission

    The New Education Policy 2020 focuses on foundational learning as the bedrock for all future learning. The Government of India launched the NIPUN Bharat Mission on 5th July 2021, with the aim of attaining foundational literacy and numeracy for all children. Haryana is duly committed to achieve the objectives of the NIPUN Bharat Mission for foundational literacy (Hindi and English) and numeracy. Accordingly, Government of Haryana launched the NIPUN Haryana Mission on 30th July2021. Under the mission, Haryana is undertaking various academic and governance initiatives toensure that all students become FLN competent by grade 3.


    Haryana has been leading the way in implementation of NEP 2020 imperatives and lays paramount importance on achieving the goals of foundational learning. Ensuring quality education at foundational levels will go a long way in providing equitable access to quality education at higher levels, later on leading to a better standard of life. The state is determined to make certain that under the NIPUN Haryana Mission, each child in Haryana achieves grade-level competencies required under foundational literacy and numeracy and be prepared for their future.